The essence of spiritual coaching is tuning into the spiritual journey, helping people to discover and embrace the magnificence of their true identities, and to bring spirit fully into form.

What is a mandala?

Although you may not have heard of the word mandala before, you already know what it is – mandala means circle or centre in Sanskrit. A mandala is a plan, chart or geometric pattern which represents the cosmos metaphysically or symbolically, a microcosm of the universe from the human perspective.  It is an interlocking matrix of geometric figures, circles, triangles and floral patterns that form fractal patterns of elegance and beauty.

These visual patterns can have a powerful effect on the mind. Just as primordial sounds, or mantras,within its circular shape, the mandala has the power to promote relaxation, enhance our creativity, support healing and is useful in balancing our mind and body through hearing.  Primordial shapes can generate increased coherence in our brains, creating a balancing and calming influence. In cultures around the world, beautiful visual patterns are used to quiet a restless mind. Circles are a powerful symbol found in every culture. We see them in halos, prayer wheels and other religious symbols, architecture, and nature. Mandalas are sacred circles that have been used to as medicine wheels by native Americans and to facilitate meditation in the Tibetan and Indian religions. In both eastern and western cultures, the mandala has come to symbolize harmony, unity, wholeness, and healing. People create and look at mandalas essentially to centre the body and mind.

Colouring a mandala – an effective tool for healing

Colouring a mandala using pencil crayons, crayons, paint, or pastels combines the benefits of meditation and art therapy. When colouring mandalas you’ll usually experience a deep sense of calm and well-being. Being playful with colours doesn’t require any expertise and is remarkably therapeutic, soothing and nourishing for the soul and spirit. Mandalas not only focus your attention, but allow you to express your creative side, which many of us neglect in our daily lives.

When you colour your mandala you’re expressing your desires for healing and wellness. You’re also acknowledging and declaring your own unlimited potential! You can think of the mandala as being energetically alive, a means of creating a pathway to a desired state of being.

What state of being do you desire to create?

Maybe you want to experience inner peace or maybe you simply want to use the circular pattern to express your artistry.

There is no right or wrong way of colouring your mandala – you’re expressing who you are and where you are on life’s journey. You’re giving intangible thoughts and feelings both form and substance.  By colouring in mandalas you can relax and enhance your meditation; make a spiritual connection; balance your body, your mind, and your spirit; increase your self- awareness; enhance your self- expression and creativity.

All you have to do is set your intention and awaken your mandalas by infusing them with colour. It’s that simple and that powerful.

Meditate on a mandala

To prepare yourself for your time of meditation, clear away a quiet place where you can sit with your mandala at eye level opposite yourself. Be as comfortable as you can be in the seating position you choose.

Focus on the outer rings of the mandala. Tibetan tradition shows us the outer rings represent fire that will purify an individual as they ready the journey of entering into the mandala itself. This is the point of entry for your meditation. The path will lead you inward to the centre.

Concentrate and focus on the shapes and colours and let the design and beauty sink into your being.

Follow each circle inward and if you run into a dead end, just remember that not only do you want to reach the centre but the meditation is also about the travel to enlightenment.

As you travel, become one with the universe and its wisdom. Breathe slowly in through the nose and exhale lightly through the nose.

Concentrate on the rhythm of your body as it matches the rhythm in the circle with eyes open or closed. You may choose to play soothing music as you meditate. Become aware of where you have been, where you are now and where you are going. You can partake of this practice for 15-30 minutes.

There are a number of sites where you can download and print mandalas  for free including:  and 

Spiritual coaching helps you discover your truth. The truth is that no one can tell you your truth. It has to come from within. The good news is that your truth is accessible to you once you connect to your spirit.

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